⇄ Applicable to: bundles, products, services, quotes, invoicing

Bundles are compositions of saved products and/or services. The composition and proportion of a bundle is completely free and flexibly adjustable. By setting up bundles in advance, you can create documents (e.g. quotations, invoices, ...) faster and more efficiently.

When you select a bundle in a document (e.g. quotes, invoices, ...), its total is calculated automatically. Moreover, this calculation is done on the basis of the last saved prices of the products and/or services in the bundle. So you always use the most recent prices on your quotes and invoices!


Fruit basket 10kgBundle contentTotal: €45
product2kg Apples€7
product2kg Pears€6
1kg Kiwis€10
product3kg Oranges€8
product2kg Bananas€9