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A template is a pre-set design of documents (e.g. quotes, invoices, ...), e-mails, etc. Using a template, you can adapt them to your company's brand style and tailor each document to the customer.

Easybox supports an unlimited number of templates for each document type. If, while formatting a document, you don't want to use the preset default template, you can very easily switch between all your (preset) templates.

What can you set in the templates in Easybox?

  • Logo, colours, font and -size, design of borders and elements
  • Showing or hiding different elements of your document content allowing you to choose e.g. between a simple or detailed price information.
  • All fixed elements can be renamed according to your preferences, e.g. "Quote" can be replaced by "Estimate" and so on.
  • Template attachments (e.g. general terms and conditions, ...)

Read here how to set up your templates in Easybox!

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Templates, customized documents in your brand style!