⇄ Applicable to: settings, account, quotes, invoicing

  1. Navigate to Organisation settings via the logo in the top right corner and click on Templates.
  2. Navigate to the document type (e.g. invoice, quote, ...) for which you want to create a template and click on New template at the bottom.
    - or -
    Click on an existing template you wish to edit and go to step 4.
  3. Confirm the selected language and document type and choose one of the basic templates you wish to use as the basis for your template. Click Enable & configure.
  4. Give the template a clear name so you can easily find your template.

    Select a different logo if required, your company logo will be used automatically. Adjust the layout settings and colours as desired. 
    • Tip: Use (while selecting colours) the pipette to select a colour on your computer screen. This way you can easily copy the colours of e.g. your logo!

    Choose which elements to show or hide.

    Adjust the standard labels if you wish, e.g. you can replace "Quote" with "Estimate" and so on.

    Select one (or more) attachments to be automatically attached when this template is applied.
  9. Do you like the sample template? Then click on Confirm.