⇄ Applicable to: connections, invoicing, quotes, account

You can follow these steps when adding any kind of contacts (leads, customers, suppliers and manufacturers) in Easybox

  1. Enter the VAT number of the organisation you want to add
    (The organisation has to be VAT liable & established within the European Union)
  2. Click on Lookup
    Easybox will look up the organisation data via the VIES search engine & click OK to confirm the import. Please note that the search can take some time.

    The name and registered office of the organisation are filled in automatically. Add the following organisation details to complete the organisation
    • Recommended: At least one bank account, one email address and one phone number
    • Optional: DUNS number, picture, additional addresses, contacts, websites, aliases. If the organisation has one (or more) trade names that differ from the company name, add an alias or several aliases. What is an alias?
    • Select the type of the organisation as desired (customer / supplier / manufacturer).
  4. NOTES

    Add notes to attach additional information.
  5. Click on Save