⇄ Applicable to: invoicing, suppliers, connections, payments

  1. Navigate to Invoices > Purchase and click on Upload documents
  2. You will be navigated to Depot, where all document processing is done
  3. Drag the files you want to upload to the box, or click in it to select files
    - or -
    E-mail your files to the e-mail address on the right of the window (e.g. 12345678@mailbox.easybox.com)
  4. The files you have just uploaded, or e-mailed, appear at the bottom of the window as Files to be validated. Select the purchase invoice you wish to process by selecting it

    Select if it is a purchase invoice or credit note

    Usually, the supplier is automatically recognized on the purchase invoice. If the supplier is not yet present in your list of suppliers, you can add it by clicking on Save and assign or add the supplier manually.
    - or -
    If no supplier is recognized on the purchase invoice: select an existing supplier in the input field or add a supplier manually.

    Check the scanned document preferences and edit them if necessary

    Check the scanned invoice content and edit it if needed, don't forget to select the VAT rates! At the bottom you can compare the sum of the entered invoice contents with the total amounts on the document at the right side of the window
  9. Click on Save as draft when the processing is not yet complete
    - or -
    Click on Save final

    The saved invoices are from this moment on moved to Invoices > Purchase where you can consult them at any time.