⇄ Applicable to: invoicing, quotes, settings

Presets (What is a preset?) are managed directly in the text fields where they can be applied, e.g. in footnotes and when sending documents.

  1. Navigate to the text field where you want to manage your presets.
  2. Don't have presets set up yet? Then, in the text field, enter the text you want to save as a preset and click on Save as preset. Give the preset a clear title and click on Save.
    - or -
    Click on Choose preset and Add preset. Give the preset a clear title, enter the text and click on Save.
  3. Already have one (or more) preset(s) you want to edit? Then click on Choose preset after which you get an overview of all available presets. Here you can edit, delete and/or add new presets.
  4. Select the preset(s) you want to enter in the text field. If you want to enter several presets, select the presets in the correct order (so they are entered in the right order) and click on Confirm.